The key area of the Company's activity is the support in the field of information technology, provided to the Scientific and Technical Associations and the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations.
The company, as an experienced IT partner, also cooperates with foreign entities, engages in business process optimization and electronic tools development. Out-of-associations services are provided in particular for those involved in science and technology, and those who introduce cutting-edge technology and business solutions.

"From analysis to optimization"

Having a team of experts in implementing effective solutions based on information technology, the company has the competence in consulting, analysis and evaluation of business processes. The service provides support to improve the business efficiency by use of the technology. Due to the individual classification of each project, the scope of work is determined on the basis of the end result requirements.

IT application "on demand"

Using the staff of analysts, technology and software engineers, the company provides application development services, tools and IT solutions. The process is based on the combined agile methods and Prince2, where the primary goal is to produce the most effective tool, maintaining a reasonable cost level at every stage. Applications are being created using advanced solutions worked out within the company.

Technical Support

The Company employs qualified staff of analysts, software engineers, promotion and sales experts and technicians. Thanks to this combination of specialization, the company provides technical support services, successfully fulfills very complex orders. Service for combined services customers is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.